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Who We Are

Founded in March 2019, Ilonito Designer Collections is a local leather products-making company. Crafted from highest-quality leather from Kenya. Ilonito Designer Collections is an ode to the love affair between our people, the Maasai and livestock. Ilonito is the Maasai word for cowhide.

Ilonito Designer Collections is an all- female undertaking that speaks of the love for all things livestock, a connection that is at the heart of our identity and heritage. It’s an undertaking steeped in tradition and deep connection to the animals that provide the cowhide and the longevity of this connection. The never-ending and foreverness of this relationship are the values that Ilonito Designer Collections embody in every piece.

Each piece provides elegance, uniqueness, boldness, timelessness as well as the longevity of leather. Made with an array of bold colors and different textures of leather, our products uniquely stand out.

Ilonito Designer Collections is located on the 3rd floor of YTL (Tigoni) Building in Ngara, Nairobi.

 At Ilonito Designer Collections, we realize that quality leather products should be accessible and enjoyed by as many people as possible while at the same time maintaining the uniqueness that sets leather products apart. We are driven to produce products that are:

  • Fully functional,
  • Highest quality,
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Unique aesthetics

We are committed to being the leather products supplier of choice for both personal and business clients.

Ilonito Vision Statement

To be the leather products supplier of choice for both personal and business clients in Kenya and beyond. 

Ilonito Mission Statement

To produce high quality leather products that are both functional and sturdy while at the same time aesthetically unique and appealing. To develop long term relationships with our clients that embodies the longevity quality of our leather.

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